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2011-06-19 - Presentation test

Ангилал: Presentation test

Test-5 ( Unit-5)

1.      Underline the correct form.

1.      I don’t  like horror film. So does/ Nor does my friend Tulga.

2.      We’ve already /yet sent a greeting card for their wedding.

3.      The students have studied English since/ for four years.

4.      Have you ever been for/ in love?

5.      I haven’t got any brothers and sisters. So has he/nor has he.

6.      Bold and Zulaa got married/got engaged last week and they want to get married quite soon.

7.      Zaya isn’t happily married so she wants to get engaged/get divorced.

8.      Bold’s wedding honeymoon/ reception will be held at Bayangol Hotel.

9.      It was my brother’s 20th guest/ wedding anniversary last week.

10.  When they gotr married they bought this house. They have been here for/since 1980.

2.      Put the expressions from the box in the correct form to complete the sentences.


Go out                           get on well                      fancy                              nor does              page boy

Get divorced                get engaged                    have a row                     bridesmaid             guests


1.      My friends came to see us. We’re __________with them for dinner tonight.

2.      My sister Anu  _________ the boy next door. She finds him very good looking.

3.      Look at these people shouting at each other loudly. They are________ .

4.      Ann and I __________ with each other. We’ve been very close friends since high school.

5.      I need to buy a nice engagement gift for my cousin. He_________ last week.

6.      My best friend’s wedding is next month. I’m going to be her ________ .

7.      John’s wedding will be held soon. 200 ____ will be invited to the wedding.

8.      My little sister is going to be her_____ .

9.      She doesn’t enjoy travelling.____ he .

10.  They had too many rows.  Sarnai _____ from his husband last month.

3.      Circle the odd one out.

1.      Groom, marriage, bride, rows, bridesmaid, honeymoon

2.      To be in love, to give a romantic present, to argue with someone, to send a Valentine’s card

3.      Agree to marry,  get married, end a marriage by law, get engaged, to split up with someone

4.      Friendly relationship,  secret relationship, close relationship, sexual relationship, blood relationship

        4.Rearrange words in sentences.

               1. bought/They/have/a house/ already.

               2. Paris/I/not been to/have / yet.

               3. round/ been/the world/We’ve.

               4. booked/We/already/ America/tickets/have/to.

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